Gain immediate access to our network of retailers, manufacturers, and cultivators through our distribution network. Greater distribution means less capital required on your end to market, sell and transport your products through the supply chain.

We proudly distribute Humboldt Emerald Triangle family of brands throughout California through our distribution license.


Our sales and marketing operations does the heavy lifting in getting your products on shelves while you focus on cultivation and product innovations. Our team of highly trained sales representatives are trained to become your brand ambassadors, breaking down market barriers for you. Our account team works diligently with you to provide you market feedback on what’s declining and what’s trending in your niche.


The road is a long and winding road when you have a hundred and one things to manage. Transportation is one of the toughest parts of moving product and while we are out there distributing our products to retailers across the state, let us also carry your products and move them to where they need to get to. Our licensed operators will transport your products to their destinations securely and efficiently.


From testing, to packaging, to tax collection – compliance is a regulatory behemoth that will be a part of this growing industry. For each step we are with you, our team will also provide you a checklist of what you need to maintain compliance before we accept your products. Our distribution operation will only distribute compliant products. This protects you and the rest of the players within our ecosystem.