Experience makes the team.

Happiness held is the seed.
Happiness shared is the flower.



Cultivated from Humboldt’s Finest.

Our partnership comprises longtime cannabis growers and farmers, who work together to cultivate and harvest the best cannabis strains in the Emerald Triangle. Our organic cultivation practices provide safe products as well as protect this earth for future farming generations. Our master growers meticulously mentor and train our staff of growers to diligently tend to our plants and nurture them through harvest.

We also partner with cultivators throughout the state to share best agriculture practices in farming and sustainability.



Relationship is Everything.

Our strongest characteristic is our twenty years plus management experience in hospitality. What does hospitality have to do with cannabis? Everything. Hospitality is the principle of the friendly and generous reception, relationship, and treatments between people. And at the end of the day, regardless of whether you are a cultivator, a dispensary, or a manufacturer… business happens because of transactions between, and by, people.

We take hospitality seriously in all that we do and our culture of reverence is what helps us continue to thrive and evolve.



The Business of Results.

All of our staff are carefully vetted for their experience and proven results, as well as their ability to integrate into our culture of a high performing team. We communicate well and respectively with everyone within the supply chain so business is running smoothly and product is moving.

Our keen attention to detail means quality, compliance, and performance are always the benchmark for your success.